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Trausmawr Trotters & Co is based at Pentwyn Farm (meaning 'top of the hill' in Welsh) a 17th century farmhouse which has been owned by us, the Smith family, since 1989. Situated in the green belt between Newport and Cwmbran and bordered by the Brecon and Monmouthshire canal, Pentwyn Farm is conveniently situated 10mins from J26 of the M4 motorway.

Although we are only a small scale, family based breeder we are passionate about our pigs, the promotion of pig welfare, the conservation of Traditional British pig breeds and encouraging the public to support local pork producers.

 We at Trotters & Co strongly believe in given our pigs the care, attention and environment that this highly intelligent animal deserves. Therefore, as a family we are active members of The Large Black Pig Breeders club & The Usk Farmers Club.

One of our big passions is showing our pigs & poultry. This gives us the opportunity to showcase our breeds to the general public.

Speaking to people who are interested in our pigs, and chatting about the welfare issues that always keeps us on our toes and up to date with all the latest developments. Similarly, discussing the conservation issues which surrounds our native pigs is one of the more enjoyable aspects of showing.

It also has the added bonus of providing a perfect excuse to catch up with other breeders and share tips, ideas and general pig gossip.

Passionate about pork &  passionate about food......

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Large Black Pigs

The Large Black pig, as it's name suggests, is Britain's only all black pig. According to the Large Black Pig Breeders Club, the large black is "one of this country's oldest pig breeds and has its origins in the Old English Hog of the 16th & 17th centuries". Also the large black is a friendly and docile breed making them ideal for novice pig keepers.

Decline in numbers

 Like many of our Traditional British pig breeds, the Large Black has witnessed a decline in registered pigs numbers. Therefore, the Large Black is now one of the UKs rarest breeds of pig and currently stands as a category 3 (vulnerable) on the Rare Breed Survival Trust's 2014 watch list. As an active committee member of the Large Black Pig Breeders Club one of our aims is to ensure we retain as many of the different breeding lines as possible.

our breed lines

Therefore, we keep 4 different sow lines at Trasmauwr Trotters & co. The Doreen, Matilda, Grandeur and Warbler female lines and a lovely home breed Defender boar called 'Dai'.  The BPA 2013 survey records only 8 registered sows producing litters in this year from the Doreen sow line and according to this same survey we are one of only 8 keepers of this bloodline in the UK.

about our pigs

Typically, the sows make very good mothers with litter sizes averaging between 12-14 piglets in young healthy sows.  Fully grown, a sow will weigh around 300kg and take two years to reach full maturity.

welfare standards

All of our pigs are reared out of doors. That is to say they are free to roam 24 hours a day in an area more than capable of allowing them to exhibit all of their natural piggy behavior. Additionally, our pigs are also free to interact with the other members of the farm, such as our horse and the poultry we keep. The only exception to this rule would be our farrowing sows. They are brought indoors a week before birthing to prevent them farrowing outside. This ensures the piglets stay warm and safe from predators.

We keep our piglets inside until they are around 1week old. They then have the full use of the outside space set aside for our sows and piglets. All of our piglets are weaned at 8 weeks and are kept together in the same family litter until sold. Pigs are naturally a herd animal and prefer to live in small family groups. Even our breeding sows form bonds and when not farrowing will live in pairs.


why outdoor reared?

 Due to their color, Large Blacks suffer less from sunburn making them an ideal choice for those wishing to establish outdoor reared pork. A pigs natural instinct is to root and furrow the ground. allowing our pigs the opportunity to exhibit their natural behavior and instinct is important to us. Stressed, unhappy pigs produce inferior quality meat.

All round meat pig

The efficiency with which they convert low quality feed into pork of high quality, makes the Large Black an ideal pig for out-door producers. Despite its black skin the Large Black actually kills out with white skin.. Characterised by their lop ears and long deep body, the Large black makes an excellent all round pork pig but as a bacon pig, this breed excels.

Large Black Pork

bacon, sausage, joints...........

bacon pork joints...............



bacon pork joints.........



Pork has been fabulous. Large Black is definitely the best breed I have eaten. I would love to book 3 or 4 for myself for next spring. plus a friend of mine would also like to book 3 to 4 if you can manage. If you can’t he misses out & I don’t care!!!!!
— Chantel Ormond


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Christmas Pork & Geese

Why not let us provide you with your Christmas Goose, grown on by us and supplied oven ready. secured for a small deposit. 


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